Thursday, September 24, 2009

From A to N... Autumn

A definite shift in the weather is noticeable. If you are sad to see the summer go... how do you allow yourself to find reasons to flirt with the crispness of autumn and make it your companion? The answer is... music.

The latest ethos83radio que is filled with songs from artists and bands, A thru N, who capture the full spectrum of AutumN moods. Reflection, thought capture, and seasonal acceptance are played out with smooth vocals... sneaky melodies, and forceful insights. Listen to the wildly artistic Akron/Family, drift with a song from Blue Roses' debut album, swing with simplistic Electric Owls, and linger with moody, The Kindness Kind.

The perfect Saturday or Sunday afternoon playlist is waiting for your labor of discovery to begin.
(as always... don't forget that the most immediate capture of MY Autumn mood is just above with the lastes 25 songs from ethos83)

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