Friday, July 10, 2009

Wilco Week!

This week, rather than a que of mixed artists and prompted by one of the most brilliant live performances of 2009, ethos83 RADIO is featuring the well established guardians of rock and roll Wilco, from Chicago Illinois.

Quite possibly the only band that can be described as wildly successful and yet surprisingly unknown, Wilco is led by unassuming and long time rocker Jeff Tweedy. Displayed even to an audience during a performance as merely a 'band member', this triumphant song writer springs to life with a presence that supersedes any stage placement or lack of flashy Guitar Heroesque moves. Tweedy and Wilco deliver rock with a conquering simplicity that lets the music speak for itself and challenges all in attendance to sink into their own emotions and views of the world.

What stood as a solid two and a half hour set performed at Jacksonville, Oregon's Britt Pavilion on the release date of Wilco's newest studio offering, Wilco (the album), has transformed and become countless reflections on the concert, and served to shape each new album listening session. Songs like "You Never Know", "I'll Fight", and yes... even "Wilco (the song), resonate with a more satisfying understanding when coupled with reflections of their live exhibition. Truly one of the most outstanding live bands touring the country today... Wilco makes the case almost effortlessly for you to be listening to their music and buying tickets to see them in concert. With steadily natured talent and poise, each day this band continues to cut records and go on tour draws them ever closer to the day when fewer Americans will respond "Who?" , when told a friend just saw them in concert, and rightfully solidify being labeled by a just portion of the population as one of America's greatest rock bands of all time.

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